XR250R Mods.

Ok, so I picked up a 2000 XR250 about three months ago and was just recently riding with a dude on a XR400 and a dude on a CRF450. Needless to say, the guy on the 450 was smoking us and the guy on the 400 I could at least keep up with with minimal stop and waits. But riding with those guys made me realize that my little 250 sounds like a moped compared to their bikes. I have the snorkle removed and altered the spark arrestor to where all that it consists of is the plate at the end of the pipe. the rest of it was cut off with the handy ol' porta band. I had the spark arrestor pulled all of the way, It seemed as if lack of back pressure was not mixing well with my current "stock" carb. adjustments. This week I am going out to get a k&n filter for it and was wondering if I could just re-adjust my air/fuel ratio or will I have to go out and get new jet(s)? I know, I know...some of you are probably saying to get a 400, but I like how light and agile the 250 is in the woods and also how quickly it is able to adjust to a constantly transitioning enviornment...besides I haven't quite finished paying it off yet, so I would never be able to justify it with the wife. Has anyone installed the stage 1 hotcam in their XR250? I read that the only adjustments that are needed are that rejetting of the carb. The kit says that you don't need to do any head work for this particular cam. if anybody has installed this cam in their XR250, could you give me some feedback on what mods have been performed and what the outcome has been so far?



If you install a free-er flowing filter like a K and N you'll be letting a lot more air into your engine so you'll lean everyting out (XR's come from the factory pretty lean to begin with). Rejetting is a must or you could potentially damage your engine if it gets too lean. I suggest looking at your plug now since you have already modified the exhaust. As far as the cam goes, you might try contacting either XR's only or Baja Designs either will probably give you an honest evaluation of the cam and what to expect from it. Good luck.

Hey there, I have a 98 xr250 with a white bros. power up kit to a 280, with cam, exhaust, hiflow airbox, and it goes like 100 times better, my friends with their 400s actually

like riding mine better because its power is getting close

to the 400s but as you noted much more agile. Its not to

terribly expensive and it really helped out. Give it a try

and i'm sure you'll like it. :):D

I did....UNI Filter, Removed snorkel, 132 main jet, end cap off 96' xr400 exhaust with insert removed $35, ground the large welds on inside of exhaust header. The mods made a huge difference in top end and overall smoothness of the throttle respose. Also, adjusted air screw to 1 3/4 turns out. This should get it. The 132 main is plenty good. California came with a 122. 132 is a little rich at 6000'. There, i run a 130 and its perfect. :)

If you want to go for a 280 kit, I have a brand new piston in the box. I can also arrange for the bore if you wish at a discount. You can probably expect to spend less than $150 total if you want to do the kit, so let me know.

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