un-corking a scooter

I was just curious if this is what was liliting my scooters hp? (it is restricted to 2kw and 50cc under new zealand law, so i can drive it on my car liscence). anyways, today i changed the bald back tire and ended up taking apart the air filter in the process i found that there is a small area for a pod air filter to be clamped except :excuseme: suzuki in all there wisdom filled this up with silicone. would it go faster if i removed the silicone and removed 2 of the 3 skin air filters and installed a pod air filter?

(By the way the scooter is a; Suzuki SJ50QT)

Haha you have a scooter! Slap a turbo on it and run it on race fuel!

Typically scooters are jetted on the lean side for emmisions. If you start opening things up to increase air flow through the engine, you're going to make it dangerously lean.

Now with that said, some friends and I use to race scooters in Atlanta. I took the huge chambered muffler apart and removed the chamber seperators so that it became one large expansion chamber (not "tuned", of course, but still much less restrictive than stock). I then removed the front of the airbox (it was under the seat with the intake opening facing forwward) to make it into a sort of ram-air intake. This did make it quite lean, and as I knew of no way to get jets for this thing, I used a set of precision drill bits to drill the jets out in very small increments until it no longer felt lean. I modified the auto-clutch springs to allow slightly more rpms before it engaged. At our next meet, my scooter would walk away from all the others. They were amazed, and that started a mod war between us. One guy even cut up and re-welded a KX60 pipe for it, and pulled the cylinder to modify the ports. We ended up with some wild, super-fast scooters, lol.

Eddie Sisneros has done a few, mostly the Honda Ruckus. He is the TT intake specialist.

Yes the danger with more air is a lean condition.

There are spring kits and weight kits for the clutch as well as Leo Vince pipes if your serious. Before you cut anything see if you can get jets, more air requires more gas.

not sure about the scoot you have, but a lot have electronic speed limiters on them that makes em not go as fast as they can... make sure that if your changing the air intake you jet/get a differant carbs, some scoots really do better with differnt carb and pipe.

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