What has gone wrong with youre drz?

Was wandering what problems people have had with their drzs?

I got mine new last august, and recently reached 5000 miles on the odometer, I ride it every day on my short commute to work and keep it cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Anyways, at about 3000 miles my speedo started filling up with condensation, not much of a problem, but not very nice.

About a month ago, about 4800 miles, my left fork seal sprang a leak, making steering prety sketchy. :bonk:

And finaly this morning i got back from a ride and noticed the back of my front mudguard is splattered with oil, which looks like its coming from the bottom of the headstock. :excuseme:


Fortuanatly its still covered by the warranty so should be able to get it all fixed quite soon, but still a bit of a pain!

So what problems have you had with your bikes? or am I just unlucky?? :smirk:

None.......12500 miles.......4000 miles as a SSW470....Full commute... do all bike....`06 model......:bonk::ride::smirk::ride:



I went through three stock speedo's in I think about 2k miles.

Lots of countershaft seals. A shift shaft seal. But those were really the result of a getoff. Well the shift shaft seal was. The countershaft thing is a design thing.

the water pump let coolant into the cases. That killed the big end of the rod and took out the crank....

It's all going back together as a 470.

This bike is likely the most fun I've ever had with a motorcycle. But it hasn't been very reliable.

Meh...fix it and go have more fun with it.

The biggest problem I have had with my '03 is with the loose nut holding the bars.:excuseme:

5600 miles, nothing wrong.:excuseme:

9,000' miles and no problems at all. It's always ready to go.

Speedo quit working at about 8000 kms. Culprit: condensation caused by rainwater.. You should take care too. There were spots on the circuitboard all green with oxidation.


Me finks the dealers guna wuna replace my speedo too then! 12500 miles with no probs?! Maybe I need to get myself a 470.....

6000 miles and no issues !!!

The Battery died after 2 years. Sitting in the garage in Las Vegas with a hot car doesn't help. I have a battery tender now.

nothing major @ 14k km. Put the brake lever through the clutch cover, lots of clutch levers, new bars, tires, chains and sprockets... it's been bomber for me. you gotta bleed the air from your forks every now and then eh... I'm due for all the major fixes and maintenance this winter so maybe there's some problems I just don't know about or something...

14000 miles, transmission blew up. GRRRR!!

Did all the suggessted fixes for the Z recommended by TT. No problems with 26,000 miles and counting. Regular maintenance and I am buying stock in Silkolene.

2003 DRZ400S, One battery & water pump is strating to leak.

Thought I had already posted on this thread but don't see it so here goes:

My 05 DRZ snapped the conrod and took the rest of the engine with it. 20000km's on the clock with regular oil changes. 17700km's only on road use since I had it.

Sh1t happens I guess!

I must be dumb because I'm selling my dirt bike (YZ250) to fund the repair of my DRZ..... God help us DRZ owners! It's an addiction.

Rear tires won't last more than 500/600 miles !

flogged out big end @ 11000 klm

good reason to get a stroker crank ect


I'm new to the TT site and have a 2003 KLX400SR with 1,900 miles. (A Suzuki DRZ400S with green plastic) It's a great bike and I love the Kawasaki green color scheme.

My pilot jet is clogged and I'd lke to clean it.

I hope someone can tell me if they have had success in removing the fuel bowl screws WITHOUT removing the carb? Looks like tight clearance to get in there and I've heard the screw are hard to remove without stripping.

Also-Are socket head screws available to replace the stock screws?

Thank you very much.

has this bike has been sitting around for a while ?

you really need to remove the carb and clean the whole unit ... thoroughly

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