will whitish oil freeze

I have a propane forklift i keep in my shop but this your i wont be heating it so iam wondering if the oil could freeze at crack somthing . Propane seems to turn the oil cream colar after a while any in put would help.

Man Im not sure but I would think that it wouldn't freeze. Im not sure thats a normal condition for it to get milky. You're not loosing antifreeze by chance are you?

no I think propane just atracks moisture mabey being in a hot then cold shop .I just hate to risk it iam going to change the oil its due but I thought mabey somone knows about this on here or had experice the same. Ithought about dumping some gasline antifreeze in there to see if it would dry up

you might be right about the propane but I can't see it freezing some dry gas may help

propane is a very wet fuel , the exhaust systems on propane vehicles get eaten up rather rapidly .

you have excessive blow by in the engine and the fuel is going into it . i have owned a few propane vehicles and worked on fork lifts that run on propane , its not a normal thing to be happening . your engine is worn out or damaged .

since its already worn anyway don't worry about it . the oil won't freeze , at the most if it sits for a long time the water will go to the top and it might freeze , it would be broken up as soon as its started . freezing won't do you damage , water in the oil vs the engine bearings is another story .

methyle hydrate dry's out everything , i would refrain from pooring it in your engine oil .

how often do you change the oil ?

What make and model forklift is it?

The old Clark propane forks with the Whichita motor in it are famous for moisture in the oil but it goes with the design of the motor and evaporats after the motor is warm so it is not an indication your motor is worn out as stated above. Change your oil + filter every 250 hours and you will be fine. I have a customer that has a 1947 Clark that still runs like a top. You must not use your fork that much as I have seen customers who dont use them that much get moisture in the oil and it is no big deal so start it once or twice a week and let it get to operating temperature.

thanks everyone for your help its a clark late 80s and i only use it mabey 1 a week just for a .5hr or so

I have a propane Clark and it sits in an unheated barn in the winter and I havent had any problems.

I have a propane Clark and it sits in an unheated barn in the winter and I havent had any problems.

What model is it? Does it have the Whichita flathead motor in it?

You may want to put a magnetic oil pan heater on it in michigan (it gets cold) a couple of hours before starting. On the moisture in the oil thing my dad had a pickup he drove less than a mile a day and in the winter when real cold there wouldn't be oil pressure I flat towed it to a repair shop I worked at when I pulled the filter it was full of ice .On another note our clark at work [propane]has moisture issues also but it stays inside .

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