Spring Rates

I have an 07 Crf250r, MX C-class, and I am going to revalve according to the dogger guide. Both MX-techs and race techs spring rate calculator say I need to get softer springs, I am 150 without gear and 168 with. I know I need to change the shock spring because my free sag doesnt fall into spec, however the service manual says that the stock fork springs are for a 150-160 pound rider without gear. So what is the right answer? And if so, which rate to go with, MX-tech says are .42 and 5.1 while racetech is 4.3 and 5.0Oh and I already posted in the suspension forum but didnt really get any responses. Thanks, Zach.

The stock spring rate for both the front and back "should" be just about right for you. If you think it's a little stiff, then you might want to drop it down. Unless the rear spring is wore out, you should be able to adjust the sag so that it's right on. The bikes are set up stock for 160 to 180 pound riders. Probably soft for guys closer to 180 and stiff for guys closer to 160. Regardless, the difference is in the rider. If it feels too stiff for you, change them. Before you change the springs, have them re-valved first. It's apples to oranges with the valves alone. We've been using the race tech stuff and haven't had any problems. My kid is 136 with gear, so we ordered the springs to match that weight and they're perfect. He still says that the suspension on his 08 250 is better than the 09 450, but I think it's the difference between the Kayaba and the Showa that makes the difference. Personal preference.

Ok great thats what I needed to hear, thank you.

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