Am i to big

I am thinking about getting an 03 kx125 at 6,4" 250lbs will it haul me around on an mx track.

250 lbs is pushing it on the track if you were getting it for play, and woods purposes (riding with friends) id say go for it, but on the track you will def be disapointed! i have a 125 and it struggles in tight stuff with me on it (215) with substantial suspension and engine mods done to it but if your not racing competitively it will pull you around yes but you will still have to dump some $$$ into suspension work. that thing will bottom on most of the smaller jumps at most tracks without it!

at 250 lbs id def try to find a nice 250 just for the power advantage! but you will still have to make substatial adjustments to your suspension if your planning on riding it hard and being somewhat fast!

i think not

I would put handlebar mirrors on it so you can see everyone else coming up from behind.

At 250 pounds, no stock suspension will be able to safely work for you. No matter what bike you get, you need to budget for suspension work before you ride.

At your weight, you are going to get bored with the performance from a 125 very quickly and want more. It's going to struggle to pull you in any horespower-robbing situations like soft dirt, sand, or uphills, and getting a good drive up jump faces that are close to corner exits will be very difficult if not impossible for you. I would look for a 250 two-stroke or a 450.

Thanks for everybodys input.I ride an 01 yzf426 and its so heavy on a track i was wanting a smoker so i can ring the crap out of it.

Find a 250 smoker to better fit your size and weight. And like Chokey said -- get suspension done to fit you before hitting some big jumps. Springs, rebound, compression, etc.

Get a 250 two stroke and get the suspension done.

A 125 is simply too small for you.

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