Hey guys,

I´m thinking about buying a XT660R.

I have been looking around allot and the only other option is the husqvarna TE650, but i think its to expensive.

The bike is going to be used off-road, but also for commuting, touring, and for vacationing.

Right now I own a wonderful DL650 K9

but its just not good off-road.

So any thoughts about the XTR?

the xt isnt much better than the dr

I have not ridden on the DR, nor do they sell one over here.

oh sry i read dr not dl,

then the xt is quite a bit better, look into the the tenere, also a 660, but i hear its morecomfortable for touring

the xtr is not bad for dual purpose, but its no all that great, what type of offroad are you planning on doing??

I have looked into the tenere, but its not really my taste.

I'm not planning any heavy stuff except for the occasional mud/soft sand.

it will be around 70% on-road and 30% off-road.

Also i don't want to go under a 600cc bike because I also have to travel on the highway ones a month.

This is why I bought a V-Strom, but its a pain to off-road with.

for your needs the xtr will be fine on the road, but the vstorm is better in the road at higher speeds and stuf,

thanks for your answer, I think i just need to try the XTR.

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