07 overhauling - help needed

Spent quite some time reading very usefull posts here but need your help as could not get straight answers to my doubts.

Its time for a full overhauling on my 07 X, valves are gone. Otherwise things are fine but will replace cam chain, rod and piston just in case.

- Would like to purchase all parts from a single supplier. Any directions?

- Which brand/type of valves should i be looking for? SS? Ti?

- What about piston / rod? Prox?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance as would like to put my beauty back together very soon.

thumpertalk store is good. motosport.com, bike bandit.com rockymountainmc.com, and there are a bunch more, just have to shop for prices. for piston, do you want stock compression, or higher compression? because top end kits for our bikes. just pic a comression and a brand. for piston brands i would recomend JE and/or wiseco.

oh boy, valves! well i perfer to use SS after the stock valves wear out because they last longer, but SS valves are harder on the valve seats. so its your call on SS or Ti. but i would go with SS. and for brands, i would go with ron hamp valves or knibblewhite valves. and since your doing an "overhaul", i would say go with new springs, retainer clips, guides, ect. so i would say a new valve train. im not too sure on what cam/timing chain you would want to go with.

hope this helps, and good look on the over haul.

thanks for the tips, im new to the red world but consider myself a Husq expert. Will place pisturesof the situation so far, looks bad. Cylinder and piston seems ok as ring gap is fine but will replace anyway. Is higher compression piston recommended? We have very poor gas quality here in Brasil and even mixed with ethanol at 20%. Bike was terrible to start.

High comp pistons run fine on 91 octane pump gas, not sure I would up the compression if the only gas you can get is of poor quality.

High comp pistons run fine on 91 octane pump gas, not sure I would up the compression if the only gas you can get is of poor quality.

to a degree. if i went any higher then 13.5:1, i would run octane booster or race gas for the 14.0:1 pistons. but for the fuel quality in brazil, im not to sure what you would want to do.

Go to Falicon. My wife's '07 motor siezed and we put a new piston(not a big bore), hot stage cam, cam chain and falicon rod and it absolutely rips!

go all stock honda, it is as good of better especally for relability, and if the gas is not good.

Already bought all parts and im waiting them to arrive. Bigger problem is that you cant find all the parts you are looking for from a single supplier so ended up not buying exactly all the stuff i would like to. Many thanks for the support and will keep you posted on the results.

What supplier are you using, you can order every nut, bolt and part from the TT oem store, as well as aftermarket stuff too.

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