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need help bad!!!

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when i give 1/2 or more throttle in any gear my 05 bike

begins to lose power, especially uphill or out of a turn.

i bogs something awful, sounding like it's running out of

gas. the bike start up and idle fine.

i have taken the carb apart and sprayed contact cleaner, blowing

air on it to clean. checked air filter. changed fuel. a neighbor

who has alot of experience w/ bike looked at it and said carb.

looked good and he himself was at a lost. i even checked the

spark plug. from the looks of that it was running rich.

i am really getting frustrated and i want to ride badly, but i don't

want to pay a mechanic.

any suggestions???

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Do you know what size main jet is in the carb? Also check to make sure you have an adiquate flow of fuel coming through the line. There's a filter in the tank that may be clogged. Usually it's never that simple.

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don't know the size of main jet. all i know is it is stock for the

05crf250r model.

if it is the other problem you mentioned about the filter in the

tank, how can that be fixed?

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I also had a clogged filter in my tank that caused me much angst... A little piece of clear plastic had clogged the damn thing...

Turn off the gas valve. Put out your cigarrete/cigar/sparkler.

Take the tank off the bike. Drain the tank into something.

There are two bolts on the bottom of the tank that hold the filter. Take them out and pull it out of the tank.

If the screen is dirty then I would flush the tank completely several times.

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I'm going to point you to a thread that I started for my 2005 CRF250X.


I too was at my whits end. I really didn't think that the new needle and needle jet would fix it but it did:

2005 CRF250X

Has run perfectly for the last couple years.

All of a sudden one day, at 3500+ RPMs, it is spitting and sputtering.

I have been running the same jetting for the last couple years. I have my jet settings recorded relative to temp and location. They are spot on for me.

Feels like it is lean, but the plug looks rich, black and powdery.

The hotter the bike gets, the worse the symptoms.

I can move around the missing +/- 500 RPMs by making the fuel screw "worse". And I have change the jetting way richer and leaner only to make the symptoms worse.

I have been troubleshooting for 2+ weeks now with no success except replaced parts that didn't need it.

So far:

Jetting is correct

Valves are spot on :smirk: (Replaced head and valve via RHC in '07)

Gasoline has been replaced

Carb has been removed and cleaned (twice)

Timing is "OK"

Cam chain is "OK"

Cam is "OK"

Ignition Control Module - replaced

Ignition Relay - replaced

Spark plug - replaced

Spark plug cap/coil - replaced

Throttle Position Switch - "OK"

Ignition Pulse - "OK"

Wiring Harnesses - "OK"

Can you help me regain my sanity ........... please? :bonk:

replace needle jet (not needle,what the main jet screws into).

Good Luck :excuseme:

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well i checked the filter in the gas tank and it seemed


man you covered you bases, i didn't do nearly that much.

i'll do what you suggest even though the carb. has been cleaned

w/ contact cleaner.

just to clarify are you talking the long needle going from the top

down, or the bottom bolt-like gold component at the bottom.

for a stock 05 how much would it be and about how much

does that cost.

sorry for the lame description.

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It's item

#25 HOLDER, NEEDLE JET 16165-MEB-671

#35 NEEDLE SET, JET 16202-MEN-671

The Holder, needle jet is what the Main jet screws into.

The needle set, jet . . is well . . . the "needle".

Click here to see the parts fiche

Thumpertalk Parts Store

$20 for both

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