1997 kdx200 replacement jet needle

does anyone have a link to the most cost effective and best replacement jet needle for the Keihin PWK35 stock carb? any other suggestion? mine may not be worn or worn out but a 12 year jet needle might be close to needing replaced. It can't hurt. What kind of money can i expect to spend? Yep I am barely working so money has become an issue.

surely I will not have to go through kawasaki to replace it.

thanks in advance for any input.

How much is Kawi wanting for one?

I see in the TT store, jet needles are $21.24 (+ around $8.00 S&H). Most other online places I know of will be in this neighborhood too, +/- $2.00.

Kawi won't give a price online, but it's probably in this range too. OEM may be the best buy, close to the same price and no S&H.

yes sir olhillbilly.you are real close.I called kawasaki of rome and they can get me one for apporximately $20.00.NO SHIPPING. I forgot that I'll need a main jet as well since both wear together.DUH. I am assuming that is the same thing as the main jet.Am i correct?

It has been TOO long since i have ridden considering that I was riding about 100+ per week.and then some.Time to get back with it and i am straightening out some minor issues.

thanks for replying.

I forgot to add that I had read or thought that I had,about a specific needle other than stock that many on here are using with the stoc carb.

Thanks Luigic81

no prob

or get an aftermarket unit from acceleration kart racing; $5. Check the KDX-specific forums for needle recs.

Go to KDXRider.net and check it out. These guys breathe KDX knowledge and probably forgot more than most people will ever know. They talk about jetting constantly. :banghead:

I think I saw Motosport sells individual carb parts now.

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