Stroker crank in a kicker?

Hi all, I have a 2002 kicker DRZ, at the moment I'm using it for trail riding, but, I enjoyed the SM trackday I did the other week more.

Just mulling tuning ideas around in my head, if I went full time SM on this bike, I'd kinda like to make it into a 450, ie stroker crank with 92 mm piston, a bit like Kevin Schwantzs bike, but, with Hotrods kit instead of Yoshimura.

I'm pretty sure the flywheel is different as my stator casing is smaller on the kicker than it is on my SM, I was wondering if the crank was so different this wouldn't be possible.

Ages ago Eddie noted the differences for someone, but, searching hasn't worked for me this time.

Thanks all. :excuseme:

along with the stator cover,stator and flywheel the flywheel side crank half is also different.

your only option is to get a yoshimura or freewheelers offset not sure freewheelers is even still willing to do it.

Cheers Eddie, thought there were differences, you just gave me the confirmation I needed.

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