This may be a dumb question but...

Ok i have been thinking about buying a pipe for a 09 rmz 450. However im confused if i need to buy both the pipe an programmer to get any difference out of the bike at all. I mean normally with the old carbs you could add pipe and with some jetting you could have some gains. Minus the Jetting part, if you add the pipe, do you still see/feel the gains or do you have to buy the programmer as well to make everything worth while:bonk:


Yeah you just awnsered your own question with old ones you needed to add jets to see the difference in most cases. With a EFI bike the fuel map with a pipe needs to be altered to actually get the power that the pipe offers. But for what ive seen a pipe with a map gives a bigger enhancement from what the older bikes with carbs got with a pipe added.

and what about only a programmer?

What does your '09 RMZ NOT DO now, that you want the pipe and re-map? I am not a MX champ by any means, but the '09 RMZ will sling Orsen Wells around the dirt track and still have throttle to spare. What little you will gain (and I do mean very little) you will never justify with the bank account. Sprockets my friend will Doctor any situation you think may be warrented. If you are handling the RMZ at full throttle 95% of the time and need more, My hat is off to you and I am NOT worthy at all. Old Sarge

yes, get both the exhaust system and programmer. it'll run noticeably cleaner and better with it mapped to the applicable exhaust system. ur pretty much wasting ur money if u get just an exhaust w/o changing the mapping.

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