Switched power source under the seat?

Hi folks, I am going to install a relay under the seat so it's close to the battery and protected from weather. Everyone seems to be using the orange wire to the ignition/display as the switched power source. Is there a switched power source available under the seat? If not, no big, I will run a wire to the front for the switched lead. Just wanted to know if there's anything under the seat so everything can be in one place.



There should be an orange in the back on the exhaust side for the rear light assembly.

Sweet! Thanks!


FYI I did not find an orange wire under the seat, but I did find a 3-wire connector for the taillight that did have a brown wire with switched +12V. I used that and all is good! PS I have a 2006 DRZ-S.

I'm glad that worked for you. I could not remember the color but knew there had to be one back there for the lights.:excuseme:

Rigth on. Yes brown. The only difference is brown is hot in both ON and PARK if that is of any use or concern. The closest you will find orange under the seat is power to the CDI and it is actually orange with white stripe. Brown is a better choice.

What are you powering with the realy?

My GPS... I know a lot of folks have it hard-wired but I have forgotten to turn it off 2x now and didn't realize it till the next day. GPS is a Zumo, and when the power is removed it asks if you want to leave it on, during a ride I can just say yes and it runs off the rechargeable batteries until I get started again. Was a piece of cake with the brown wire, I attached the relay right next to the electronics box with a nut and bolt so I don't scratch the &*%&^ out of my hand next time I remove the air filter.. :-)

How do you like the Zumo? I was considering tha tone but got a crazy deal on a 205W, I can go through 5 of them for the price of a Zumo....

I found a site where I can get the hardwire cable for $20 and the mounting hdw to put the ball in the left hand mirror socket for another $20.

Show pics please?

I have owned a Zumo since they came out, for use on my touring bike. I was originally using my GPSmap 60CSx on the DRZ, but I found it hard to see the small screen while riding. So I got a handlebar RAM mount and an extra Zumo cradle and mounted it to the handlebars, with a hard-wire kit. I connected it via a relay, as I can't seem to remember to manually turn it off on the dirt bike (was previously always on and I left it on for several days). The pics below are of the handlebar mount and the relay under the seat.



I don't know if I would get a Zumo if I was starting fresh with a GPS for the DRZ, as it's pretty heavy (but very rugged). But since I already had it for use on the BMW it was a slam dunk.

PS this is my first time posting pics on this forum, hopefully it works.


atps - I did the exact same thing a few weeks ago placing the fuse and relay under the seat and connecting to the brown. Works great! Don't have to worry about leaving the grip warmers on and draining the battery.

I also installed a distribution block behind the headlight fairing to connect other gadgets, grip warmers, gps, etc. It makes it super quick and easy.

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