Bike has been sitting for 2 years - Need Help

XR250 has been sitting for about 2 years and my project is to get it running again. I just took carb off and cleaned it and gas tank. Put in new spark plug. Should I try and drain old oil before starting, should I spray a little oil in cylinder because I'm sure it's bone dry?

Thanks for any help and suggestions

Yes, yes and no. Mine sat for 3 years as well I did all of that as well plus changed the oil filter, cleaned the oil strainer, and cleaned the air filter.

Yes, I would change the oil & filter before starting and again after running it a few hours. Yes, I would squirt some oil through the spark plug hole before starting.

A lil 2-stroke oil in the combustion chamber wouldn't hurt. You should mix in some carb system cleaner with your first tank of gas or 2 as well just in case there's any buildup of gummy gas anywhere in the fuel system aside from where you already mentioned that you cleaned.

I'd probably lube up the swingarm bolt too and change the oil and filter unless you stored it on completely fresh oil.

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