problem with clutch

I'm having problems with my clutch whenever i go into gear the clutch dosent disengage the gears. Any advice

If you're saying that you can't get the bike out of gear once you put it in gear but it still pulls fine, you have a notched inner hub or a notched outer basket. Probably the outer basket.

If you're saying that when you put it in gear and it doesn't go, your clutches and or springs are probably shot.

Sorry, but I'm not real clear on your question.

I'll start the bike in nutural and then when I put the bike in gear the bike will jump forward even though I have the clutch in.

My sons 250 did the same thing. After trying to unsuccessfully adjust the clutch, I bought a new clutch pack and springs, and whalla! and it fixed it. Like new......

Also as mentioned previously, look at the condition of the clutch basket for notching....

I keep finding warped steels or now a notched basket. The frictions are really tough. I'm not reusing them on the new basket however. The do look and measure out good.

about how many hours on the clutch? have you had the clutch cable off lately? what kind of lever/perch do you have ?

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