So I went to go riding at Metcalf in Santa Clara and it was closed because of the rain. I know its small but I never have ridden there before so I was pretty bummed that I wont be able to. Ohh well. At least I got some good tools on sale at 4am at sears!

Bummer - Must'v drizzeled just enough to get snotty and slippery. Try to check it out again. There are alot of hidden singletrack trails that are fun.

If they closed it, it for a good reason. If it's wet it's like riding on greasy snot. An hour south and you could have at Hollister Hills. Top of Hollister is sandy soil. Wetter the better. Lower field is sticky slick clay. That will close lower field.

I have been to Hollister, but not on a dirt bike. I just wanted to go ride for an hour or two while the family was out shopping. Better than sitting around watching TV. Plus I dragged the bike down to SJ from Sac to ride. But no worries. I also was by myself and the fog was super bad so I figured it wasnt worth pushing my luck.

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