Buffalo Range

To the guys I met at the hills at Buffalo Range. It's great to sit and bench race and meet people who love their bikes and enjoy riding.



trapped in IL.

I've escaped! I'm heading back to Cali and beautiful Jawbone and Glamis......


I agree. Are there any other Northern IL YZF's around? I think it would be a riot to get together for a ride sometime.

Take care

Hey Tim! What's up? I live by the town of Woodstock in McHenry County. I have a '00 Wr 400 and I ride trails and motorcross. There are not many places to ride around here. Where are you located? Are there local tracks or trails by you? The only one close is Lake Geneva. We should get togather and ride sometime. Later

Angel Boy

Hey Angle boy,

I live in Crystal Lake. We should hook up sometime soon. Do you race up in Lake Geneva? I have never been to that track. I would have to agree that there are not many places in the 1-2 hour drivetime radius. Me and a buddy of mine went to The Badlands, in Indiana on Saturday. Pretty fun place, but a haul. You can reach me at timfreed@yahoo.com That would cut down on posting to this forum. Anyone else in the area?

See ya

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