Outo Compression release not working?

Got a friend who has an 09 450 and it seems the compression release is not working.

Is this possible?

Yes. Pull the valve cover and check to see if it is working. Make sure nothing is broken while you're in there.

Well we went to go riding yesterday and it was just locked up. If you kept lots of pressure on the kickstarter long enough it would slowly push through but then lock up again as soon as it hit TDC.

Pulled the plug and it kicks through no problem, plug back in, locked up again.

This is a brand new bike with 10 hours on it.

My 1981 YZ 250 fired right up and I got to ride while he sat in the truck! hehehe

If it's that new, the dealer should be able to help him with it, but it could be a timing problem as well as a jammed or broken AD pin.

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