roof of africa 2009


Extreme Enduro Fans this is for you

This race has been included in the new EXWC Championship for 2010.

(Extreme Enduro World Championship) along with Hells Gate, Romaniacs, Erzburg and the tough one.

Yes , some yanks are taking part:)

Check out this pics, Amazing stuff!:bonk:

you need to be half crazy to ride this..:excuseme:

it's on my list of things to do. along with isle of mann, baja 1000, erzeberg, suzuka 8 hours, etc etc. should of put this in general woulda got more hits.

16:20 - On corrected times the official winners of the 2009 Roof of Africa are:

Chris Birch (New Zealand) on a KTM

Rory Mead (New Zealand) on a Yamaha

Jade Gutzeit (South Africa) on a BMW

Go New Zealand!!!!!!!!

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