Headlight Switch

While trying to figure out how to put a switch for my headlight I discovered something I will share. On my 2001 S behind the headlight coming off the main harness is a yellow w/ white wire with a bullet style single connector. This is the power wire to the dimmer switch. If you disconnect this wire and put a switch inline you can kill the headlight. Now the cool part is if you get a light switch from a KDX 200 it comes with a wire pigtail attached. This will plug straight in to the y/w wire with no cutting, splicing or any other monkey motion. Mount the kdx switch to the bars and your ready to go. The kdx switch is waterproof and even marked headlight off/on. Later, Bobby

sweet! looking to do something like that!

any chance you have the part # handy?

never mind... fleabay has a ton of them

Thanx reptile. Good info!:excuseme:

Hey reptile, I went the "monkey motion route" lol. Waterproof toggle wired into that connection (yellow to orange wire on my bike) with small harness and bullet fittings. Small bracket made out of aluminum angle. KDX switch would be nice.


Here is the thread I got info from, when I did mine.http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=826642&highlight=headlight+switch

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Thanx for that reptile , I hate how the government imposses regulations on us riders . I rarely ride at night , so a light switch would come in handy , especially one that just plugs in . I know that they say lights on save lives , but I have been hit by six cars and one truck , they all said they did not see me . Lights on doesn`t seem to work , anyone for rocket launchers !:excuseme:


six cars and one truck :banghead:

six cars and one truck :cheers:

Not all at once luckily , and with plenty of time to heal in between . First was the worse , snapped off my right forearm and broke left femur , ouch !:banghead:

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