Working on bikes

I don't think I've ever seen a thread with pictures of people working on their bikes. My buddies and I usually try to make a fun evening of it. We always have plenty of beer to keep things moving along. Its also nice, if you get stuck, there's another set of eyes to help you get it done.

Getting started, new piston for both bikes, shimming the valves on the Yamaha.


My buddy Peter, he's new to dirt bikes. The Yamaha is a 2001, and a bitch to start cold, usually we push start it the first start of the day. This is before the piston and valve shim.


Peter hasn't really worked on engines much, so we are teaching him from the ground up.


Stupid pose with our other buddy Adam. Adam is a Certified Master BMW motorcycle tech, he know's his stuff.


Putting the rings on the new piston.


Another stupid pose.


Putting the top end of the CR back together.


It was a fun evening, we worked till about 2am doing both bikes. The Yamaha will start on the 2nd or 1st kick everytime now.

Add your pics!!!!!

that was a fun night - too bad that banjo bolt that holds the oil line on sheared off. that was the BEST THING that could happen.

either way, it does start right up now! gotta love it...

(im the guy with the Yamaha, Peter)

well you definently got the beer right...:excuseme:

Yeah, we like our beer. Worked from 6pm to about 2am, the three of us went through;

1 growler Marble (local brewer) pumpkin

1 growler Marble IPA

4 Stone Arogant Bastard bombers

2 Stone Russian Imperial Stout bombers

4 IPA long necks (our own home brew)

Its amazing our bikes always run after working on them.

that's 8 hours... literally a full days worth of work. although i cant drink beer at my day job :excuseme:

Nice thread,keep pictures coming.

My "NEW" 08 250F before I even fired it up and my friends 93 CR250 in the back ground. These were taken over a year ago.



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