What Bike Armor is really needed?

I'm switching from street riding to dirt and just got a "new" used 2006 DRZ (see http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=8883720#post8883720 )

How much bike amror do I really need. I've got case protectors, radiator guards and a skid plate on order and the bike already has bark busters. But as I look through the TT shore I see all kind of protection: frame guards, brake disc guards, brake pedal savers, chain guides/protectors, foot peg covers and on and on. Do folks typically get all this stuff?

No...what you have and have coming should be more then adequate. Beyond that your going for a kitchen sink approach. Most around here try to avoid adding unneccesary stuff to keep weight at a minimum.

But others get caught up and buy every damn thing they can find that says it will bolt to a drz.

It is understandable...they love their DRZ so much...they want to lavish it with as much love as possible. But in the end...to much love smothers a childs development...if you get my meaning.

I have the same protective parts you have with no more and I feel I have a well protected DRZ (and has proved correct on countless falls)

If you have an aftermarket pipe you might want a snake for that, pipes aren't cheap.

If you have an aftermarket pipe you might want a snake for that, pipes aren't cheap.

What's a snake?

all you need are case savers, rad guards, bark busters and skid plate. Mine is bulletproof and it's been in some very bad spills and keeps on ticking.

I think your well set up. The lighter the bike is, the easier it is to ride, the less you need armour. Just a thought.

What's a snake?

A snake is basically a big hose clamp with a bit of high temp silicone or plastic tubing over it. It keeps your expensive can from dragging on the ground or worse the asphalt if you have a get off on the pipe side.

Lemme find a good pic......

This is the basic idea but usually done with round tubing instead of flat...


Here's one...


Also called a muffler slider.

Really good pic here...


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Stay away from handguards...they hurt


Stay away from handguards...they hurt


I was scrolling all happily through the thread until I got to your post :banghead:

Yeah....I didn't need to see that either.....(cringe)

Stay away from handguards...they hurt


Details? Over the bars with the hand slipping between the bars and the handguard?

Goebz, thanks for the picture of the snake.

And EtienneNXR ........ ah, thanks for your picture, too.... And by hand guards, do you mean something like bark busters?

I can almost guarantee that you will have more and much worse injuries without bark busters. That and your supposed to let go of the bike when you crash.:banghead:

are muffler sliders really just high temp hose, hose clamped to the pipe?

Yeah, pretty much.

I have everything you will have and haven't had a problem like most, but one day I will finish my billet aluminum stator cover... :banghead: it should be assume!


You'll be fine with what you have, I have exactly that and trust me my bike has taken some NASTY falls and hasn't skipped a beat.

As for the "snake?" its great if your bike slides on pavement, but won't do a damn thing off road if you fall (think your pipe snake is going to land on that rock? nope! It'll miss and crush your can inches from the "snake" so save your money)

The snake would be one to avoid (IMO).

I have the rad guards, case cover guard (only on the right side, left fell off somewhere), Skid plate, Bark busters, and rear brake reservoir cover. I think I have used them all in a single ride. I guess it depends on where you ride and what your points of contact will be. If its rocks, the more the better, if its soft dirt or sand, you could probably save the weight on a couple items.

Well yes it will help mostly on the road, but I run a second one right under the number plate when I have saddlebags on. It keeps the weight of the bag & contents from pushing the numberplate down onto the muffler and melting a hole in it.

If you look close in my garage you can see the second one. I moved it forward about an inch since this pic. Works well with my Cortechs


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