Not another oil thread

My local bike shop is changing over oil suppliers, and for a while used rock oil.

K2 premix with good results, but now there becoming a maxima oil stockist. The guy has told to use maxima super m 2t oil, in my husky wr 250 and my gas gas ec 250 Ive not used this oil before and just Wondered which of you guys use it and at what ratio. And what do you think of it.

I use the Maxima Super M in my Honda CR 250 at 32:1 and I don't have any complaints. Since it is a synthetic, it is supposed to cut down on smoke and gumming of the powervalve and all that Jazz.

ive used both rock oil and maxima, i do tend to go for rock oil when i can as ive used it for a while and its a local based company. if i run premix i like to run just under 40:1 usually 38:1 works good for me but ive started using autolube as its more convenient than talking a bottle of 2 stroke and a measuring cup to the petrol station every time i fill up..

hope this helps!

I love Maxima products and the Super M is very good product. I mix normally at 40:1 . 125s Mixed at 32:1-36:1. Open class bikes mixed at 50:1

Thankyou guys for your input, ive got a bit more confidence in using it now. Its good to have a bit of posistive feed back. Because im mixing my husky wr 250 @ 50.1 mix, will super m be ok to run at this ratio.

Should be fine as long as you don't ride around with the gas pinned all day.

Trials bikes run like 80/1 because of the slow going.

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