Number Plate Question

Heyy fellas, I have a 2001 Rm125 and I would like to buy some preprinted #'s for it. At Decal works you can buy your numbers and for a extra price you can get them mounted too. But it doesn't have this option for 2001? Isn't the 2001 front and side # plates the same from that year on? It doesn't have the option for 2001 but it does for 2003? Could someone tell me if the 2003 Number plates fit on my 2001?

Thanks guys.


Front number plate is the same from 2001 to 2007.

From what I understand 2003-2007 number plates will work on a 2001. The panel has a different air inlet, but they should work fine. Not 100% sure though.

Thanks man, does anyone else have an input in this? I'd like to know soon!

Just checked it out. The rear panels will fit. Just make sure your ordering graphics specifically for that year number plate.

Alright man, thanks alot!

Check out's graphics, they're not bad, fully customizable, and cheap. (I feel like im trying to sell it lol).

Check out's graphics, they're not bad, fully customizable, and cheap. (I feel like im trying to sell it lol).

I agree...the Attack Graphics and Pre-Printed backgrounds are really nice for the money. I was a sponsored DeCal works racer for the past few years and only used DeCal works due to getting a discounted price. I have now switched to the Attack backgrounds. Here is a pic of my 2000 RM250 with the full set of DeCal works and my 2001 RM250 with FLU Design graphics with the Attack Backgrounds. Also Rocky Mountain ATV has them on sale right now for $29.99 :banghead:

DeCal Works


Attack Graphics





i have the attack on my bike, they arnt bad for the price, but they are really thin and wear fast, my boot has tore up the front part of both rear numberplate from when i lift my leg on scrubs and whips etc.

Maybe the 01 to 03 descrepency has to do with the color of the plastic? Maybe they do not offer yellow? Just guessing as don't know what years they switched.

edit: Maybe I missundersood. Are you buying plastic with premounted backgrounds? Or are they mounting the backgrouds on your plastic?

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