need some advice, please 01 honda cr250r

hey here is my question hopfully one of you guys know this answer, I have asked my local shop here what they thought was the problem and he said eather crank seal or bearings? the bike is a 2001 honda cr250r,fmf fatty pipe, stock silencer, stock reeds, 93 octain gas with klots R50 mixed at 32:1 with maxima tranny oil in tranny, The bike has always run perfect, plug color looks perfect. like a normal 2-stroke when its cold it smokes pretty good but after a few minutes of warming up it cleans out nice with just a little smoke when reved, But now it smokes real bad even after fully warmed up and it smell weird the best way i can descibe this smell is its more like a chevy truck burning oil real bad or a ford or a lawn mower, pretty much any 4 stroke motor that is smoking real bad and smells, You almost cant even smell the klots anymore, thanks alot in advance

coolant leak or seal leak would more than likely be the cause! how long since youve replaced gaskets and seals?

all original

Stop now, pull it out and rebuild it before it goes boom. Frequent freshups are a lot cheaper than fixing catastrophic failures. Sounds like you got your moneys worth if its all original still. Cranks, seals and pistons are cheap. Cheaper still if you wait and find what you need on ebay.

yeah probally the right thing to do, is there any real benifit to installing somthing like a hot rod crank and piston rod apposed to just new bearings,seal...

Cranks usually go quite a few hours, just inspect it while you're in there. Also check the main bearings. Replace the crankshaft seals and throw in a new piston.

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