Can of worms...

Yeah I know there are a ton of posts and opinions about this but...What brand and viscosity oil do you use in your RMZ. I have been using the Suzuki 10w40 from my dealer, but was wondering if maybe Wal Mart had anything I could use. I change oil every 4 hours and filter every other change so it gets expensive. I just want to know that somebody else has used the oil with no problems.

As always many many thanks...:excuseme:

Rotella non synthetic 15W40 12 bucks a gallon. 150 hours on my '06

Shell Rotella T at Tractor Supply for $9.88 a gallon. Wal-Mart may have close to the same deal. Many will disagree, but it's the regular oil change that keeps the engine in top shape, NOT the different brands that seem to brainwash folks. Read the very fine print on the oil containers. You'll be very surprised who makes most of the different bands. Only four big producers or refineries than label all the different brands. Research the SAE folks and get the REAL story about lubricants and what your engine needs. Most of my Texas heat operating push lawnmowers are 20 plus years old and go thru blades and wheels long before any engine work is needed. If you're going to believe all that you hear from chat room experts, get on the democrats "Change" list and get your fill of wild opinions! Old Sarge

Another Rotella user here. 215 hours on my 05 (lots of offroad racing) and 85 hours on my 06 (mx). I change the oil every 5 hours on the meter. Rekluse recommends it for their auto-clutches.

Rotella here too. Over 50 hours on my 08.5 no problems!

Rotella-T Synthetic, 15W40.

Air filter cleaned and oil changed every 3 hours, oil filter every 6 hours.

63 Hours on the bike.

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