Radiator Gaurds

I just installed a set of Flatland Racing radiator gaurds on my WR450. The things are TOUGH!! If you don't have em, get em! Antoher TT member had suggested them to me and I wanted to pass along some feedback.

See, we would never steer anyone wrong around here!... :)

I totally agree. I just received mine and they are much better that any Devol or Works Connection product that I have bought. They are much thicker and very well made. :thumbsup:They are both a brace for the side and a guard for the front all in one piece. The fit is great and the holes in the front are slightly larger than the Devols so they breathe a little better without letting stuff through.

Hey FNG241_WR450F,

Any idea how much they weigh? I'm still trying to decide between the extra protection vs added weight. :)

i would say no more than 2 lbs.

I just got mine installed also, fit very nice and they are rigid.

I am found that I had to trim more plastic on the left side than the right (still only mm), has anybody else run into this?

Here's to you Flatlands! :)

I wouldn't even consider the weight a downside, if you blow out a radiator, your pocket book will be screaming at you for not spending the $75. You would never be able to tell the difference between 2 bikes with and without them unless you were looking right at the beautiful aluminum slots.

:DThey are well worth the minimal weight they add in protection. :)

I'd say about 2 lbs. Maybe a little less. I share the opinion with most of the other folks here at TT that the small increase in weight is nothing in comparison to the protection that you get. I wouldn't even give that part a second thought. Besides, they look pretty cool too! :)

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