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try to upgrade or just buy newer???

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hey guys, im a rather newb rider on the dirt (5 yrs street but this was my first summer on the dirt). i was just wondering what your opinions would be as i am in need of a lil guidance.

okay my bike is a '96 KX250 i picked up for a fair price. i love the power delivery of the bike and even the ergo's fit me real well. i really like the bike but i think i have gotten as far as the clickers will let me go with it for my riding style. i live in northeastern nevada so im doing a lot of fast open trails with loose/rocky uphill and downhills. really the terrain is quite varied even in just a small area. i dont honestly think i'm that fast but i generaly ride top of third to mid fourth gear on the trails and tapping fifth when it opens up.

the big problem im having is when im going through a rhythm or choppy section at speed my suspension just cant seem to keep up. it packs in and i start fighting the bike. but if i try some more rebound on the shock or stiffer comp then the rear end is all over the place. i cant seem to find a happy medium for it.

im no suspension guru but would it be worth it to have it worked over for me at a shop (im thinking dave j. just didn't know if he worked on the older stuff or not) or would i be better off viewing the bike as the starter bike i had planned and look at upgrading to a newer machine.

just so you guys know, when i bought the KX it had just been gone through and there is a shop sticker on the shock so i think it was all rebuilt. the bike was in primo looking shape when i picked it up.

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