Pulling out the front axles on a '96 Kodiak?


Got '96 Kodiak 400. We are replacing the front axles, both sides. Going to replace both front steering knuckles bearings also.

We are ready to pull out the axles, how do we do that? Is there a pin inside the diff. housing? Do we have to pull apart the diff. housing?

We have the inner boots unclamped and pulled back away from the diff. housing. Lots of grease in there.

Thanks for your help.

I haven't pulled front axels on a quad but I have changed hundreds on cars. Most are held in by a spring clip that snaps into place inside the differential. This type requires a little encouragement from a prybar to get them to pop out. Be careful and don't use much force, you don't want to pop a hole in the diff case! The other two most common ways the axel is held in is either a roll pin between the cv joint and the diff or six bolts into a flange. I'm assuming you don't have one of these since it is fairly obvious what is holding the axel in when you look at it. However, I wouldn't put it past Yamaha to come up with some sneaky I haven't seen.

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