Average looking 2stroke keeping up with Pros!

Nothing in the WORCS rules that don't allow it... that's Straddleline ORV Park. We race there a few times every year outside of worcs. We have a few locals that show up to race the worcs races.

During one of our local non-sanctioned series at Straddleline we had a guy race with his worcs plates still on.


That average 2 stroke guy use to be a factory motocross racer...

I believe that is Lance Smail...

I watched him race the opener at Horn Rapids MX in Washington and beat a lot of fast guys like Crater, Ansett, Ross to name a few....all of which qualify for SX or Nationals on a regular basis...

He didn't do to shabby either, beat some big time names at this race too...

Here are the results:

WORCS Round 8, Pro1

Ricky Dietrich

Brenden Ritzman

Mike Brown

Justin Soule

Charlie Mullins

Jamie Lanza

Lance Smail

Damon Huffman

Robbie Bell

Tim Weigand

Yep great racer!

Cool video. Thanks for posting.

I noticed the side numberplate had 11 on it, with the WORCS 37 design covering the 11.

cool vid, lots of orange and green bikes.

Cool... and Lance's home is in the area, somewhere near Tacoma/Auburn... so he's a local guy, too.


I just like to see a great rider doing well on so called old bikes

Shame you only get to hear the sound of a two stroke once in the whole video.....:banghead:

Cool video, awful music.

Put the top factory riders on 10-15 year old works prepped two strokes and guess what? They would dominate. However, that's not where the money is at so the factory won't do that. Can you blame them? So, we all await the next big thing..... Direct port fuel injected two strokes? Rotary engines running on liquid hydrogen? Turbo diesel powered puffers???? I think we are stuck with the status quo for now :-(

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