oil in airbox

on my dads 94 kdx200, its not premix and he says he squeezed the filter dry enough. it smells like regular motor/tranny oil. my question is how is it getting in there and how to fix it, ill check the carb to airbox boot see if its dry

I have had close to the same issue w/my 1997 kdx which is why i have not been riding.At the carb intake was a mixture of some kind plus in the airbox at the bottom below the filter was a mixture that smelled and looked like premix.

my bike sat up for awhile and the air filter started to deterioate at the flat part that is the rim.It appears as if some of the filter had been sucked into the carb.I have cleaned and taken apart the carb about 3 times now and am finally ready to attempt to start the damn thing.AGAIN.with new filter.

hopefully someone will reply w/some pertinent info.

How is your dad's bike NOT premix?? Are you saying that there is oil in the airbox, but it is not premix??

Way too much oil on the filter could pool up.

i dont know how tranny oil would get in the airbox unless you re-routed the crank breather in there.....

In stock form, the crankcase breather DOES run into the airbox.

yeah the boot was dry (as they get), so if the breather does run in there what would make oil come out besides overfilling it

and kdx, you know what i mean the oil in the airbox isnt premix (smells way different)

In stock form, the crankcase breather DOES run into the airbox.

really, well thats likely what it is then. Generally oil comes out the breather tube when the engine gets really hot, or it is overfilled, it allows it to squirt out the extra oil to protect the engine

it is fairly easy to overfill the trans oil if you don't leave the machine standing straight up long enough

some Kawi 2 strokes have fairly small passages between clutch and trans areas and take several minutes vertical to get proper reading in sight glass

I have a friend who had a KDX220R. He did the much touted "pour a whole quart of oil in it" suggestion. When he got through riding the first time, he had oil leaking from his airbox from where the overflow had blown it out. What a nice mess it was with all the dirt and grass sticking to it.

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