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a new gas tank. nothing wrong with the one i have, just want a bit bigger one. like a 2.3-2.8. anyone got suggestions as too which company makes better quality? i have heard ims dont work well? but i think thats a load of crap since i seem them all the time? anyways, just need info on bigger tank for 2008 yz250f.thanks! :excuseme:

i put an oversize tank on my 05 wr and these were my thoughts when i was in the market - the clarke was a bolt on item with no modifying necessary. it also fit with my radiator cages with room to spare. the ims looked good but looked like it was gonna sit real close to my megabomb header. also the ims drains fuel from both the right and left side requiring t-fittings, extra petcocks or something of that nature. my clarke only drains fuel from the stock (left) side so a little fuel will be trapped in that right wing. if i'm that out of fuel, i'd just lay the bike over and get that last little bit to the left side. i was interested in the zip-ty tank made for them by ims to their specs, and had heard great things about it, but i found their customer service lacking, so i moved on. shame, because that's the one i wanted to check out. i've never heard anything negative about the acerbis, and i believe the gytr tank was made by them and rebadged. hope this helps.

thanks i'll look into those!

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