Stolen 2009 KTM 300


Keep your eyes open for Steffan. Flippin thieves,, hang em high!



I had my 2009 KTM 300 XC stolen out of my garage this week. I have been working long hours so I have not been keeping track of my bike on a daily basis but I know it was stolen this week. My bike has red backgrounds with white #4's on it. It had KTM Country stickers on it as well. More than likely those have been torn off but it has white backgrounds underneath the red. I have Flexx bars on it, an aluminum skidplate, FMF pipe and black FMF silencer, bridgestone 200 series tires, Ironman rear sprocket, solid rear brake rotor, a Braking front brake rotor, Pro Taper pillow top grips, orange handguards, stock graphics, a Twin Air coarse outer filter, and a black BRP rubber mounted top triple clamp. The last 4 digits of the VIN are 9414.

If anybody sees something like this for sale please contact me. Thank you.

Plenty of pictures of the bike here:






Well if we were just judging by the rear rim I'd have to say I am guilty, my rim looks just like Steffan's. Doubt it'll show up in my area, but I'll keep an eye on Craigslist.

Using this search engine will make searching multiple areas on craigs list much easier. Good luck on the hunt. Pretty low stealing a mans bike.

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