Endurocross Helmet Cam Videos- Rd. #6 Las Vegas 11/21/09

that is awesome! i know the camera never does justice to the terrain, but it still looks gnarly.

how sore were you the day after?

any idea what your lap times were, compared to the pros?

That looks really, really hard....heehehe

Sucks what happened on the last vid...what was the liquid all over the tire you stuck in?

Wow great videos:thumbsup: I would love to try one of those one day but I would get last:smirk:

Thanks for the awesome vids.Those obstacles are pretty crazy!!!!!

Those cams were sweet! I also am sorry about the main event. You were in second! Im sure you don't need me to tell you that... Kinda cool hearing your name called out to thousands of people by an announcer in a race, even if it was commenting on your bike being stuck! :excuseme::smirk::bonk:

Great vid, I knew that kind of racing was tough, but I had no idea how TOUGH till I seen these video's. Thanks for sharing.:excuseme:

I was just a little sore in the triceps and and upper back/arms; no different than after a desert race. I'm not sure what the liquid was on the tires, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't from my bike. It may have been from some other unfortunate soul from earlier in the day. My best lap time was a 1:13 and the fastest guys were at about 1 min. +. There were a few sub 1 minute laps, but not many.

Ya, being in second made it even worse when I got stuck! Gotta to hand it so Kopp thought, he's the one that rode smooth and didn't make any mistakes (at least from what I assume since I was busy getting unstuck). It definately would have been an exciting race if I hadn't of gotten stuck.

Here's a pic of me during the Main Event that I found on the Internet.


Nice job...like the Vet Main afternoon video with all the carnage...1st lap through the big rocks...dude with a license plate????

Joe Kopp has come close to winning a few of our Desert 100 races up here in WA...in fact he is on one of our shirts with 1,2,3 all running together.

dude that stuff looks REALLY hard. especially the rocks. is the only thing that needs to be replaced on the bike really the rear tire? and just stuff when you fall? because it doesnt get to very high revs ever.

DAMN that is too cool !!


July I replaced the right radiator and this year I tore off the hardward that hold my E-line Carbon fiber skid plate. Other than that, tires and the incidental stuff; although I did manage to loose one of my KTM Hard parts orange anodized bar ends this last round.

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