Help! Where can I ride in NH and ME


I just got back into riding, picked up a 07 rmz450. I have been riding my entire life, and always had places to ride. (Trails mainly, love to hit some tracks too)

I live in the Nashua NH area, and in the Portsmouth NH area.

Is there anywhere legal to ride anymore in the southeastern NH/ southern Maine/ northeast Mass area?

I have no problem trailering just want some good trails to hit without worrying about getting ticketed/arrested again.

Please help!


Go to the NH OHRV website. Need to get a sticker - there are probably 10 legal places listed there.

Clough (aka hopkington / everett) is W of Manchester NH and offers a good mix of wide and singletrack.

Richmond NH has 70+miles of legal trails criss-crossing powerlines.

Alton NH has 22 miles of fire roads / mt trails.

Everything else is get to know people tolerated but not legal or private land / landowner permission.

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