Cr 250 '99

Hi guys, I found a very nice bike, only few hours of use.

Please, give some advice over it, since I am going to use over a MX track and some enduro stuff, muddy and some dunes too. My level is somewhat btw A rider and weekend warrior.

My concern is over this bike is going to be too much for me,but is only a guess; my previous one was a TE 450 '04, I used it over very nasty single track -sometimes overheating :excuseme:-, very fast fire roads and MX track too, it was a very good bike, a tad heavy, but a blast to ride.

So, give some advice to convert it as a do it all bike.

Thanks a lot!!!

Best Regards.


Please give some advice, I already read almost the all threads about what I am asking for, but I believe that somebody w/a direct experience over the matter will be better:worthy:

Thanks a lot and best regards!!!


The husky is a great bike i have a wr 250 and cant fault it smooth tractor like power band and a fair bit of on mid top. i know mines the enduro model but there isn't that much difference between the two. Very god reliable bike

Thanks for the advice.

Anyway, I going to buy it on 10 th Dec and will post some photos.

I should change front brake line, transmission (if possible tell me the best suitable gearing for my ride = MX & Enduro), suspension fluids, gear box fluid and several more things.

I wonna post some pics.

Best Regards!

On my husky im running the gearing at 14-52 has i like the snap of short gearing and it gives a top end of 100kph And my suspension clickers are set up has a stock husky cr 250 but with 0.46kgmm fork springs with the fork oil level of 65mm from the top of the tubes and a 5.8 kg mm rear spring. due to my local shop changing oil suppliers ive gone from putoline to rock oil and now to maxima super m all very good oils.

You can't go wrong with any of these. hope this helps

I bought a 02 cr250 this year. It had been wr'ized with a stator, lights and a road legal plate.

With the 13 tooth front and my lack of experience the hit was very hard, I changed it to a 14 and used it most of the summer like that doing dual sport and single track (no mx).

I've now gone back to the 13 tooth for single track as I can get up into 3rd gear.

I changed the carb for an airstriker and added a rekluse. Needed to get the bike to idle well with the rekluse so that is why I put on the airstriker.

All and all, I love the bike. I may add a steering damper over the winter as I tire quickly on single track (need to work on fitness also.)

The bike is great on the single track and crazy fast when you want it to be. It can lug all day on single track also.

I might try a FWW next year also.

Have Fun


Biggest difference between the '02 CR and WR is the flywheel weight. I have an '02 WR and sue Spectro 10-30 wt clutchsaver. and Bel-ray 3 wt fork oil set @ the stock level. Fork settings are tough esp. if you want a do it all bike. moto will need stffer compression but again check the manual-has a variety of settings. If either of you need a manual pm me with yr email- I have the '02 WR250 manual on pdf.

I owned a 99 CR250 and it was a great bike. Loved the motor. The swingarm cracked on mine and two others I knew racing MX. No huge deal, we had them welded and they never did it again. It cracked just in front of the axle stays.

Thanks for the advice!!!

Yes, I read about the crack over the swingarm and the issues over the forks and secondary transmission, I guess I will run the 14/52 and will see if its suit my style, ather than that, for sure I am going to dissamble the entire bike and put together again.

Last but no less important, I will try to obtain a WR flywheel, for what you guys v¿have said, It will detune the bike for my level!!!

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