CRF150R vs. CRF230

I'm an old fat guy, 5'7", and I'm buying a bike for myself to ride with my kids. Mostly trail riding with a mix of small jumps out in the pasture. I like a small bike (I had a CRF250X a couple of years ago, and I don't want something that tall). I leaning towards a CRF150R (expert). Its small, short wheelbase , and fairly powerful. But I was at the Honda dealer today and sat on the 230. That was a good size as well. So I'm looking for a comparison between the two. I think I'm really looking for imput on the 230. I'm not sure I understand exactly what that bike is supposed to be. A watered-down 250X? Any input would be appreciated.

i would get the 230 just cuz u trail ride and the 150r's are alot of maitence if u dont mind working on it more than u ride it get a 150r if u just want to ride and it to be quiet and easy going overall bike get the 230 it just wont be snappy like the 150 but u can do some mods t get it a little better

230. A 150 will require constant maintence and rebuilds compared to a 230. 230= queit easy going trail bike for casual riding. 150r=high performance loud snappy race bike

Picked up a lightly used bone stock '05 CRF230 yesterday and rode it today. I think it was a great choice. Thanks for the suggestions:thumbsup:

you should probably stick with a trail bike!you do not want an r model to play ride with!ask your local dealer they will set you up!a yamaha ttr is a good trail bike as well!i have a few used bikes for sale and a xr250 im building right now!

Definitely the 230. I had a 2006 CRF230 and it is a fun trail bike. I put a pro circuit exhaust on it and jetting to match. Easy to ride , torquey, perfect trail/play bike.

I'm the same height and around 180lbs. , the power was fine. It'll pull wheelies with a little help from the clutch and throttle and the power is easy to control.

Bullet proof engine, soft suspension.

the 230 will need suspension work for any type of serious trail riding, especially if you are heavy. The 150R is WAYYYYYY better imo. It will reguire more maintenence but will be a better bike.

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