KYB Kit Suspension (Forks) - Where to Buy


Curious if anyone knows where I could buy a set of KYB "Kit" forks? I am building a project bike and only need the forks, no shock or clamps. I know Factory Connection makes a "b" kit and I know Enzo makes some kit stuff. The only hang up is they have to be 48mm sliders. I would really prefer to buy a set of used forks just because I can't afford a new set. Please let me know if you have any information as to where I could find a set of these. PM me please if you have info. Thanks!

KYB does not supply or sell "kit" stuff to my knowledge like showa has (A kit etc..)

The only "kit" things you can get (and what is sold by anyone) is coated outers and lowers...and some "trinketry" on the inside.

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