2003 kx250

How much would you pay for an 03 kx250???

depends, what shape its in, how it runs, suspension, after msrket parts. If everthing is in great shape proably 1500 - 1600

how about all stock in good condition

I know what I paid for mine...:excuseme:

But if it looks good and seems to be in good shape, I would say 1500-1800.

i bought mine back in march for $1900. it had all the stock parts except for tires and chain and sprockets. i know the previous owner very well and he is the type of rider who is really smooth and very rarely NEEDS to be on the pipe to go fast.

be about $3000 up here in victoria

I bought a 2003 kx250 last fall $1000. new plastic and tires I am into it for $1300

and it is really fresh.Gave it to my kid .

paid 2500 for a mint 04 kx 250 in canada

I paid $2300 for my '03 last may, I got it brand new with only 6 hours on it. This thing was in showroom condition for being 6 years old. I got a great deal on it.

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