Need help on buying first bike please.

I am 17, 5' 9", and 140lbs. I am looking to get my first dirt bike. I have rode before but not too much. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions of what bike to get. I am interested in mainly trail riding. Something under $2000would be great! Thanks! -Joe

Two stroke for sure. Cheaper to buy and cheaper to run. 125 or 250 probably a 125 would be your best bet

Kawasaki KDX 200. Bulletproof, torquey, easy to ride and will surprise your riding friends by keeping up with them all the time. Great bikes!

+1 on the KDX 200, it really is a good choice. And you should be able to find a nice one for way less than $2,000.

Get a Rm125 they are cheap and fast. I got mine for only 800 Dollars.

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