bad powervalve or base gasket

I have a 1994 cr 125 and i am noticing oil leaking from what it looks like the powervalve on the pipe side of the bike which is the right side or the base gasket of the jug. im guessing this is not normal. my bike is jetted rich tho.

Any help with this will be appreciated!!!!


my 93 did the same thing, rubber gasket goes bad. Take off exhaust pipe and remove coverreplace both gaskets and use a little silicone. and you should be fine. Just so you know you do lose a little power from having leaks such as this.


If the gaskets don't work you might want to do a compression check.

If your not close on compression those bikes will blow black spooge everywhere.

I found the problem. the guy before me didnt put one of the seals on so i got to order them. Thanks for your help guys!!!

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