crf70 clutch adjustment

sorry in advance for a novice question . . . i adjusted the clutch by loosening the locknut and turning the adjustor counterclockwise until resistance was felt. turned adjustor clockwise 1/8 turn and tightened back up the lock nut. this was right from 08 crf70 owners manual. when i'm in first gear, the bike pulled itself, so i fiddled with the idle screw on the carb until it sounded right in neutral and did not pull in first. when in first if i lift the rear of the bike by hand the rear wheel does spin (pretty quickly). is this normal with the centrifugal or whatever you call it (stock) clutch?

im havein the same issue, except mine wheelies a lil bit lol its fun but i know its not suppose to do that, oh and is there a separate oil thing for the trans? mines real sticky. oh and sorry for askin on this post lol.

dawg need help with clutch 7149650830

the rear wheel will spin if you lift the bike in the air

you want to adjust the clutch so it still shifts easy (if you adjust it too far one way it wont shift)

but you also want the clutch to not pull the bike too much when sitting still

If the bike is NEW, or the clutch is NEW, the clutch has to break in. It needs time to slip and get used to slipping before it'll allow you to stop the bike. When I install a brand new clutch in a 50, you can't stop the bike without killing it, but after a couple hours of riding it works fine.

Here is the adjustment procedure from the XR/CRF50 Owners Manual, the 70 clutch is adjusted the same way.


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