Looking for kid-safe San Diego riding areas

Hey guys, I have 3 little ones ages 9 (twins) and 11, riding crf 50's and crf 70 bikes. I am really hoping to find an open and legal area in San Diego to ride with them. If you know any good spots, please let me know how to get there, and what its like. I am off Los Cochas and I-8 if that helps directions, I would be VERY greatfull to find a good, and close spot to teach the kids.

Jim :excuseme:

I responded in the other thread, too...

I live in Alpine, and have some of the same concerns... Pine Valley is ok, as long as you are riding point, and can keep your group together... if you can get to the rock house with them, they can tool around all day, playing on the mini-moto track. Up in Corral proper, if you stay on the perimeter road you should be ok.

Lark Canyon/McCain valley is what I'd suggest... again... YOU ride point, so you minimize head-ons.

Golden Acorn track is probably a bit much for the kids... Elevation may be ok, depending on their skill level.

PM me sometime... I have a 10 year old and a 13 year old... XR70 and TTR125... they like riding with other kids more than me... I slow them down ;-)

I have heard their was an open area of Corral Canyon, but never seen it. Have heard similar about McCain, but again dont know anywhere exactly to go. I am off for 2 weeks for Christmas vacation, and it would be great to have a place nearby to start getting them more practice in.

I will pm ya too, thanks...Jim

McCain open area: 8 East to Blvd Exit... turn right, then left on Old 80... left again on McCain Valley road; vear right where it turns to dirt... and stay on that road about 3 miles... day use area is on the left, and well-signed... the "open" area is a large sand wash, with large areas of mulch... ALL the trails on that side pretty much criss-cross on each other... Hard to get lost there... injured? yeah... lost? nah

I'll PM you next time I take the kids out

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