BAJA DAMAGE!!! - need # plate, front rim!

Just did 510 miles in three days in Baja! The bike absolutely dominated - top speed 93.5 mph (stock gearing)and the thing can pull wheelies in 5th gear. Anyway, I cought some roost and shattered the front light lens (bulb still works).

1. Anyone want to sell their stock front number plate?


2. Anyone know if you can just buy the lens somewhere and install it yourself?

I also put one hell of a bend in my front rim from a high speed close encounter with a baja boulder. Sooooo.... Anyone want to sell their sock rim?

Please PM me or reply if youv'e got either of the two things or have any ideas on where to get them cheap. Thanks, Bud :)

Those number plates are hard to come by, sometimes. Once I got re-set up, I ordered a metal grill off of Baja Designs that goes over the lens of the light, and it wards off those flinging rocks.

To fix your bent rim, next time you are changing out your front tire, take the rim to your bench vise, and place two bolts inside of the rim, just outside of your bend area. This will allow you to bend the bent rim portion back to where it belongs. Easy fix, and not necessary until your next front tire change.

(Unless your bend is super-human big, then it might need the attention a little sooner...)

I may sell my stock WR450 front plate. I am going to put a DS kit on the bike by this weekend and my front light/plate assembly will be just sitting in the garage. Send me a PM. I live in Castaic. That should work out fine. :):D

Baja is a very dangerous place....Whose fault is it that your headlight is broken??? Oh ya, that rim isn't that bad, you can't even see the tube :)...

Yeah, whatever. I'm sure the headlight was someone elses fault - I've got the skills to weave in and out of roost, avoiding all the rocks and pebbles. :D

Baja is especially dangerous when you try to go surfing with an XR. You will have to teach me how to pull that one off. :)

A little water splashed on the rims.....It was fun riding with you fellas :) Maybe someday i'll share my knowledge of tidal-fluctuations with you...Ron

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