'07 Yam WRF Oil lock removal

How does one remove the oil lock "Piston" from the damper rod.

( open chamber KYB). I want to install a different diameter oil lock piston.

I'm thinking the damper rod is 2 piece , thus the oil lock is removed after separating the rod halves.?

I may not be remembering this correctly , but I think I have done this before. I believe I made 2 machined alum blocks with semicircular pockets that matched the rod diameter to clamp the rod. The heat the rod to mitigate the loctite. Unscrew rod halves from each other, remove oil lock?

Or maybe I am way off here?

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Go to the search box and type in[ kyb parts catalog pdf ]. There is a break down view of the forks near the front of the catalog that shows a clip to remove. I recently had mine apart and could not get that part off. Sorry I haven't figured out how to do links yet. Maybe if you see the breakdown you will have better luck than me. Mine is also a 07 wr450.

Thanks mlynn & henrics. That link is a great resource.

It looks like maybe the oil lock halves have to be pried apart to escape the snap ring. I tried briefly with no luck.

Have we indeed stumped the omniscent powers of THUMPERTALK! ?

if so what do we win? LOL

'cmon someone make us all look dumb and tell us the answer ................

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The ones on the earlier models are loctited & threaded together? Try heating it just alittle with a heat gun or propane torch then unscrew it with a couple pairs of channel locks if there are no wrench flats?

Examining the actual part ; it looks like the part #38 oil lock "nut", is swaged over the circlip after assembly. Also in the drawing you can see the groove in the damper shaft for the circlip. So I decided to not try to remove the oil lock and do the work to it on the shaft.

There is a possibility that the two pieces of the oil lock pull apart, thus releasing the circlip. The plastic spring guide may be what positively prevents it disassembling during use.

Anyway I decided not to spend any more time trying to remove it.

I wanted to try a larger diameter oil lock, I was going to remove it,TiG weld it up and then turn it to size on the lathe. Instead I welded it up on the shaft and then ground the diameter down on the belt sander.

I thought that some companies sold larger oil locks for these forks, but I think it may only be for other Forks that have removable oil locks.

Everyone thanks for your help.

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