rear brake issue

ok so, i took the wheel of and changed the tire

then today i put it back on and when i try to spin the wheel the brake disc grinds on the pads, so much there are tiny metal shavings

please help i cant figure out whats wrong

Did you lay the rim down on the brake disc side when changing the tire? Those new disc's are so thin these days, that any side pressure will cause them to stress or warp when pressure is applied. If you used a "spacer" so the disc wasn't never in touch with the ground or table, then smart on you, most just pry and poke forgetting about the disc. Did the pads fall out while the wheel was removed? Anybody apply the rear brake while you had the wheel off? Free play is very tight, any debris or dirt will start the marking process on either surface. Check the rivet holding the pad on. Did it work loose and get in a bind between the pad and disc? How long since the pads were replaced? Lots of variables to check on. Good Luck, Old Sarge

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