Cheap TC/ TXC 250 ??????

Hey guys, first off thanks for enduring some of my questions and hypothesis' in purchasing a new bike in hopefully the immediate future...I tossed up buying a used TC250, or even trading in my RM-Z450 for a Husky 310...

I have come to the conclusion though (mainly based upon the lottery effect of buying a used 4stroke) that I will jsut buy a leftover Husky TC/TXC 250 for my secondary motocross/wodos machine for the upcoming year.

I have found a 2008 leftover TC250 at Heinen's in MN for $3750 shipped ot my door....Does anyone know if any other Husky's being blown out to make room for 2010 models anywhere in the US that would also be able to crate and ship the bike?????

Please reply back with any dealer's and prices that you may know of or have came across :excuseme:

Thanks alot for helping a guy find a screamin' deal and an even greater bike :bonk:

that's pretty cheap...tough deal to beat. There are a few 09 TXC's out there in the $4500 range, with shipping it will end up being a grand more than the TC...Heinen's is a good place to deal with.

You will not find a lower price...period!

Need some help! looking at the 09 250 and 450 txc any eed back on either one of these bikes?


I have the 09 TXC 510 and it's a beast! The 450Txc will be slightly milder and the same weight. The TXC250 will be lighter and easier to ride in tight single track places as expected. Both bikes are awsome, you just have to ask yourself: do I need and can I use the power of the 450?. If your answer is yes to both get it. If not and you ride stight 1st and 2nd gear trails the TXC250 is a great bike. I seldom ride my 09 TXC510 now I find myself on my 08 Husky CR125 90% of the time. If you are anywhere near Powhatan, VA you are more than welcome to take my 510 for a blast on my back track just send me a PM.

To the OP that is a very cheap price for a new bike.

The 08 TXCs are awesome bikes...I don't think I'll go back to a TC model as long as the TXCs are such a good compromise between the true motorcrosser and a woods bike.

the TC trans kinda sucks for woods work. 1st is to tall and the rest is all bunched up. Get the TXC for a very nice woods bike. :banghead:

I'm thinking of getting the 2009 TE 250 from the same place for $4950 to my door in SoCal. Any thoughts on '09 vs '10 TE 250 given the $3000 price difference?

Yes get the 09!

'09 to '10 are 2 completely different bikes so hard to make a fair comparo. For $3,000 in my pocket, I would be getting the '09 without hesitation!

Anyone have good luck or and horror stories with Heinen's as a dealer or their blowout bikes?

I had good luck with probs and everything was good to go.

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