KX Forks on KDX - Routing front brake line?

I just got done installing KX forks on my KDX. The only task left is routing/securing the front brake line? Does anyone have any pics of theirs? I am working with the KDX caliper, line, and master cylinder - don't have KX hardware.


Which year KX forks?? Which model??

It is a 2002 model 220, and I installed a set of '02 kx 250 forks and triple clamp on it.

can you keep me posted on how you get on cuz when i finally get new forks i will be carrying out such modification on a 97 KDX 220 with 04 KX250 forks i could only get hold of 96 tripple clamp but that should work fingers crossed

Normski, the fork swap is a piece of cake after you get someone to press your kdx stem into the kx clamps. Go to this site for more information: http://kdxrider.net/forums/index.php

My job in total probably took just a tad over 1 hr - that excludes the 45 minutes it took them to press the stems. Good luck!

was you there when they pressed the stems if you were how easy was it to do just that i know a machine shop that will do it for free but would be good to give them some direction in how to do it unless im just under estimating them and the y probabbly do that sort of stuff all the time lol

Go to KDX Rider.net. Search section on fork conversion. Its well documented how to do. Some even hire Ron Black of RB designs to press stem in and machine a shim spacer. Great work at a very good price.

I was there when they did the pressing, it is actually a custom bike shop that sells harleys and other custom choppers, they knew exactly what they are doing. Technically, the stem will only go out 1 way and in 1 way, so I think it is hard to screw up. Go to the website that I sent you and that Steve mentioned above, there is a ton of info there as to how to perform the job. Good luck!

Can you get a 2002 KX brake cable to route it properly, or are you wanting it run like the KDX has it run? If so, you need to mount up a plate to the current fork guard.

Normski, the 1996 clamps won't work with 2004 forks. The fork tubes are too large for the clamps.

cheers for all your feed back havent cheked out the KDXNet site yet be will do so thanks for sending me that link i have hopefully secured a set of 04' yokes which has pleased me as i had visions of this costing me more thn it should cuz i had the wrong yokes.

Thanks Again

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