no glue grips

i just put new grips on and i didnt glue them at all and i was wondering if this is okay they are super tight so are amazingly hard to get on and off and you cant turn them at all but i was wondering if i need to glue them

no your good

I dont use glue on any of my grips just and air compressor to take them on and off. Try and type like you have half a brain.

I never glued mine... not after the hassle getting the old glue off.

They slid a bit (1/4"-ish) after ~1200mi.

Not too worried about it.

I never use glue, just a bit of white spray paint, the stay put fine, and come off when they need to

Contact cleaner and wire is all you need.

You'll be sorry you didn't glue them the first time you ride in the wet.

I glue and wire mine. Since S.W. Missouri has turned into a temperate rain forest the last 2 years, that's the only way I can get them to stick at all.

I use safety wire on mine. Most newer grips have molded or printed lines where the wire should go. Just a snip and they slide off with air or grab and twist them off. Wire holds them tight.

Some use a little hair spray or WD-40. when it dries it fuses them a little.

I dont use glue and never have a problem, use a little WD40 when putting em on and use wire and they stay fine.

I've tried not using glue before. The grips always seem to twist slightly while I'm riding if I do that. If I glue them the grips don't twist at all.

I use cheap aerosol hair spray to get them on the bars then I use tie wire to hold them in place.this works for me they never twist

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