Just wondering how many on here do there own repairs? Im talking about vavle sets/piston replacemant/cam chains/cams etc. Actual rebuilds etc. Ive always done my own work on my XR and now that Ive aquired a 450r Im just looking for experiance etc. I plan on a new piston and rings this winter and I may as well do the cam chain and tensoiner while Im in there? It may also need a vavle job but its apart already so why not? Just looking for anyone that has done this themselves and any hints or tricks that would make the job easier etc. Thanks guys. Going out on Sunday!!:excuseme:

i do all my own work but i have old bikes. '98 and older. well, the vtwin is only a couple years old but the dirtbikes are all old.

I do everything, for the most part.

Suspension, engine work, trans, etc.

My head will be sent out though for new seats, valves, etc, when the time comes.

I won't let someone near my bike with a ten foot pole, especially the dealer.

I do everything, I don't let anyone touch my bikes. Well almost everything, I don't have a Serdi so I had Engine Dynamics & MX Time cut the valve seats on a couple heads.

I do everything, except the shock.

Piston is fairly easy on these bikes, and the manual guides you with good step-by-step instructions. The timing chain is a good idea while in there. But this does add a good bit more work, and you'll need a left crankcase cover gasket and a flywheel puller like this:


I would not use the "while you are in there" logic on the valves, though, unless they need it.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are doing your own work you are the one responsible for the job that is done. This is something you won't get at the dealer. There are good techs but they are few and far between and therefore you may be in for a fight if they F- up something and you have an issue. At least if you mess it up you will learn from your mistake, plus it may be cheaper still as you didn't have to pay for the labor.

BTW, I do all my own work, expect for things like valve cutting, etc. I figure worst case I take a box of parts to the dealer and tell them to fix it.

Get a manual, take your time, ask questions on here. You can do it. It's not rocket science, it's just a dirt bike.

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